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Welcome to KB Competition website
For the last 40 years I have always been very passionate about Kawasaki mototrcycles,especialy the Z1 900 and I am so glad I have been able to live it until today.
In 2006 I have decided to create my own company KB COMPETITION, it allowed me to share with my clients all the passion I had for those bikes and at the same time I was able to restore to new condition these wonderful Z1 900's.
The Kawasaki was my first bike,I wasn't even 18 years old !
Regardless of the period of my life I have always owned one of those Kawasaki's,even when I was a student or in the military and when I got married ...
It has been more than 20 years since I started to collect  and restore them.
KB is a company who specialize in 70's Kawasaki 900 Z1 Super Four, KZ1000, 1000 Z1R,  and 80's Z 1000 MK2, 1000 R (Eddie Lawson Replica).
Also we restore more exclusive models like Martin, Godier-Genoud, Egli, Rickman and of course Bimota.
Actually I consider myself as an historian where I have made a lot of research throughout the years and was able to go back in time to discover how the first superbike in the world was created !
On this website, I can show my work, I can build a classic bike or a high performance machine with all the technology and  upgrades we have available today in the 21st century...
The Kawasaki Z series were the first modern superbikes, it started it all !  
Even today you still have all the memories of those who grew up on this icon and over 30 years later I can give those bikes a new life to their new owners.
The 70's were a time of rebellion where you could do anything you wanted, as of today the Kawasaki Z is still the best ...
Just ride one and you will understand !
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